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Well analyzed data surface invaluable patterns and information which raw data can never do. In health care, this would enable physicians to determine in minutes what could take months of trial and error.

DigiCare empowers health professionals by developing decision support systems to comprehend complex conditions, decide wisely and act in due time.


Microbial variation and their capacity are extensive and esay-to-understand performance data is not generated in big, in life sciences. This calls for highthrough-put and precise monitoring platforms.    

DigiCare offers a unique hardware-software technology to empower biotech. industry with scale-power; fast and clean.  



Bio > 26 Jun 2019

TaraGen Saz Vista issued a letter of intent, confirming a great interest in BioSee+

Bio > 12 Jun 2019

Taha Biotech issued a letter of intent, confirming a great interest in BioSee+
Health > 21 Apr 2019

DigiCare and CF Foundation in Iran signed a collaboration agreement.

DigiCare > 7 Feb 2018

DigiCare certified as a knowledge-based company in Iran.

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Fight diseases alongside us. Under health, we are currently wrestling with three aggressive diseases; Colorectal Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Cystic Fibrosis. Each penny counts.

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