Founder Story

Our story began in Gothenburg Sweden, late 2014. Dr. Payam Ghiaci, a young Chalmers graduate, started to explore opportunities bridging innovative scientific ideas and the business world. A graduate in life sciences, e-health was initially the focus. Early cancer diagnosis was the idea made its way to Chalmers Ventures. Admitted to the accelerator program, we pivoted to cancer personalized treatment. In 2016, Dr. Göran Carlsson, a senior oncologist at Sahlgrenska Hospital, got on board. Late 2017, Dr. Mohammad Razavi, as an experienced bioinformatician, joined the team and the collaboration led to a prototype for colorectal cancer patients.      


In 2018, DigiCare was born. Confident in e-health, we picked up a new track in life sciences, biosustainability. Highthroughput microbial screening and massive scale microbial evolution, as the main research line of Dr. Ghiaci, was translated into a business activity. Dr. Ghiaci practiced the knowledge in Warringer (University of Gothenburg) and Patil (EMBL) groups over a course of four years with close industrial contacts.